We are Mark and Heather, international church pastors in the greater Barcelona area of Spain. We have two adult daughters, Ashley and Allie. Ashley attends a medical college in the midwest and Allie makes her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the city where we come from.

Our story began back before we ever met, when Heather and I were teens, and God called both of us into the ministry and eventually to the mission field in Europe. From 1993 until 2016, God led us to serve as youth, education, and missions pastors in three amazing churches, aiming us for our future work in Europe. We’ve been blessed to pour our lives into thousands of young and old and singles, couples, and families stateside. While gaining valuable experience and maturity, our passion for the people of Spain and Europe has increased. God has been preparing us and we are driven to love and serve people in under-reached and unreached places. Our primary task will be working alongside of Pastor John and Brandi Carrano, Pastors of the International Church in Barcelona to eventually plant a new international church in Malaga, Spain, in the far southern part of this nation.

To connect with us personally, you can reach us via email.

LEARN. By submerging ourselves in the culture, learning the language, reading and research, seeking the heart of God, and befriending locals, we will gain a deeper understanding of European ministry context and the needs of the people we are called to serve. We want to understand God’s heart and plan for the nation of Spain, the city of Malaga, and the region of Andalusia.

SERVE. Our plan is to lead a community of believers that will love Christ, each other, and our city. Together, we will meet the needs of those around us and point them to Christ as we develop a faith community, serve the people of the city, and disciple leaders. We want to clearly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the city of Malaga and the surrounding communities through a community of believers that embodies the gospel message.

GROW. We desire this church to become self-governing, self-supporting, and self-multiplying so that it may further impact the city and region for many generations to come. We want to replicate a growing, New Testament church, that lifts up the name of Jesus while generously and radically loving the people around us.


The greater Malaga metro area is a beautiful region filled with almost 2 million people, the vast majority of which have never received an adequate gospel presentation. They are plagued by deep wounds, relational brokenness, and spiritual disinterest. But this is changing, a new generation is emerging in Spain. Right now, there is an increasing wave of curiosity and desire for spiritual connection and transformation that many are witnessing in the flourishing Christian faith community of Barcelona and we are seeing, as well, in Malaga. We will partner with the existing church and the International Church leadership to plant a new church amongst a people where there is almost no access to an evangelical church in Malaga, Spain. In Luke 15, Jesus spoke of leaving the 99 sheep who were safe in order to search for the one who had strayed from the fold. In Spain, those statistics are reversed and we are literally partnering with the one percent to reach the 99 that have yet to be introduced to a God that loves them and His Son who died for all of us. With God’s help and your support, we believe we will see God change lives.