A Month in the Life

A Month in the Life …

Some of our friends have asked … “Why are you still here?” While this awkward question messes with our insecurities … a little … it certainly has merit as so many are not aware of the process we are going through. And in this month’s update, we’ll do our best to answer this.

So, why are we still here? As International Church Pastors, Heather and I are working under the covering and blessing of what we believe to be the finest missionary sending agency in the world. The Assemblies of God World Missions department has created an amazing structure that ensures long-haul sustainability for the missionary and the work. This structure is built around mutually-edifying partnerships, financial and ministerial accountability, and developing shared vision with our sending churches and individual partners. We need a wide base of many supporters to stand with us in this life-long work. Building this base is our focus right now and this is called “Missionary Itineration”

Missionary Itineration … the average first term itineration cycle is about 17 moths. We hope to do this a little quicker than that. Our main goal during itineration is to develop a support team that will both get us to the field and keep us there. The process includes relationship development, sharing vision, and raising up prayer partners and monthly financial commitments. It is also a time of personal transformation as we are dealing with all the challenges of the many changes in our lives.

This has kept us plenty busy in the month of August, traveling 4144 miles through six states for
seven services and nineteen appointments along with dozens of impromptu conversations. My coffee addiction has hit a whole new level! As a result of the hundreds of conversations, phone calls, emails, messaging, and communication of almost every kind, we now have 342 subscribers to our monthly newsletter, 175 people who have committed to praying for us and the work (commit to pray here), and 42 distinct financial contributors with 22 signing on as monthly financial supporters (give and commit here). We would love for you to own a part of this journey too as we cannot do this by ourselves. Like the early Apostles, we need the blessing of God and the faithfulness of His people (Acts 13:1-3) in order to do what we know God has asked us to do.

Our schedule this September takes us through 11 states and thousands of miles. Please pray for safety in our travels and God’s favor as we meet with pastors and share in services. Pray for open doors to encourage the hundreds of people we will connect with in the upcoming weeks. Pray that we would continue to grow and be refined by God. We love this season of life and are incredible thankful for this opportunity to make new friends and bless the people we meet.


August News

2a016b6b-034e-48d3-b90d-abe9e57917b1Sharing at Harvestime Church in Eau Claire, WI

90b1fe2c-3b5a-4da4-98bf-2000e4598c16Stopping for coffee and bakery at the Pine Cone Travel Plaza before sharing at River City Church in Watertown, WI.



Family fun apple picking over Labor Day weekend. We were glad to have our daughters home from college for the weekend. It’s a challenge to be empty nesters.

Please Pray for Some of Our Church Friends Today

  • For River of Life, Menomonie, WI as they have moved into a new facility next to UW Stout
  • For North Shore Assembly, Mequon, WI as they continue to search for a permanent location to meet
  • For River City Church, Watertown, WI as they gear up for their fall ministries to their community
  • For Evangel Assembly of God, Milwaukee, WI as they reach out to many who responded to their Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames drama
  • For Harvest Time Church, Eau Claire, WI as they continue to send many of their own out to effect life change in their city and around the world

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