By Faith

Years ago I went through the Beth Moore Bible Study, Believing God.  At some point during this study she suggests… if your the type of person who writes in their Bible, that at the end of Hebrews chapter 11, you write in the words “by faith [insert your name]”  I am such a person, and so I did. Now, I see this quite often as I’m flipping through my Bible.

This week, I’ve been thinking about so many things.  I’ve told my girls for years, “In this family, we do hard things.”  We do what God asks us to do.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t have to rely on HIS strength to do it. Now, THIS year… It’s such a big year for our family.  Our girls are embarking on their life long dreams, and in many ways we are cheering on from a distance.  I’m so grateful for all that God has accomplished in and through our family.  My thoughts lead me back to that small exercise of writing “By faith, Heather…”  and recounting the times, that I indeed stepped out in faith, and how God has shown himself faithful!  

So,  Indulge me if you will:

By faith (and in love <3) Heather married Mark, 26 years of life and love together, and more to come!

By faith Heather (and Mark)  raised their daughters, choosing to believing that God loves and cares for them more than they ever could, and releasing them to live out the calls on their individual lives.

By faith, Heather ministered along Mark for 15 years of youth ministry, resulting in many having deep relationships with the Lord, and passing on that love for the Lord, literally around the world.

By faith, Heather returned to college at the age of 32, recieving her degree in Elementary Education.

By faith, Heather became an inner city school teacher, reaching (at least) the 125 in her classes throughout 5 years for the cause of Christ.

By faith, Heather left her family and friends and moved to be Spain… the results are yet to be seen….

This is just a sample,  Please don’t read this and think that I am boasting in my own accomplishments.  All of this is to the glory and through the strength of God. And, there’s so much more that I could write… but instead I want to challenge you to look back at the steps of faith you have taken over your life, and see where God has shown his faithfulness!!  I’d love to hear your stories!!

What is your faith story?