Hey Momma,

Today, being Mother’s Day, I want to write about Motherhood.  When I think of Motherhood, the first person I think of, naturally, is my Mom.  I did a google search for Bible verses about moms… and I came across this verse that explains my mom perfectly.  “You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.”  1 Peter 3:4 Beautiful, inside and out, a gentle and quiet spirit.  To that I would add, a generous, servant’s heart and a woman who seeks God with her whole heart.

Growing up, my mom encouraged me to seek God first, and she has been my best friend for most of my life.  She has a listening ear, and is careful to give sound advice.  

The Lau House has always been a house where people are welcomed with open arms, and a lot of good food, which is fabulously presented!  My mom doesn’t boast of talents, in fact, she would probably tell you she doesn’t have any to speak of, but I completely disagree.  My mom is an amazing cook, baker, and hostess.  She has a knack for making people feel at home.   Her and my dad work together to make a beautiful, comfortable place for their guests.

Also, my mom is the biggest help, to so many people.  Her gift of helps has touched so many people.  She has a mind for organization, which I certainly did not inherit!  And so she has been a huge help to me through the years!   

I have learned a lot from my mom, most importantly how to live for Jesus, then how to be an amazing wife, and great mom.

Secondly, when I think of Motherhood… well, I think of me!  And I think of the two amazing gifts that God gave to me… Ashley Elizabeth, and Alexandria Lin.  They are my best accomplishments to date, actually, I don’t think there will be anything more important that I’ll ever do, than to pour into their lives.

As I look back through the years, people have asked me a number of times what I think is most important as a mother.

I think that modeling behavior for your kids is key, what ever behavior that may be.  In our house,  Consistency was a big deal to me.  If I said it, it happened.  If I wasn’t sure if something that I had planned was going to work out, I said as much.  This helped the girls to know that they could trust what I said. Along those lines, honesty, was another biggie.  And by this I mean honest emotions.  If you know me, or have talked to me for like a second, you know that I don’t beat around the bush, this is also how I raised my girls, for better or for worse.  When I was dealing with an emotional situation, I explained to them, at their level, what was going on.  When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, they knew right from the start what the possible outcomes could be.  For three years, we emoted together through this battle.  Being honest with my girls also means that when I make a mistake, I apologize.  If I’ve hurt their feelings, or they feel I’m mistaken, they are, respectfully, allowed to talk to me about it.  

When they were little we read together, played together, crafted together.  As they got older we cleaned the house together, and did homework together, and watched TV together.  Now, even 4,375 miles apart, we shop together, talk and text often, study the same portions of scripture and consult each other about decisions.  They trust me.  

I’m still learning, after all I’ve only been a mom to adult kids for just about 5 years. I was recently reminded, that I still need continue to try to understand who my girls are, as women. They are strong, God-fearing women, who deserve to be trusted, because they have been taught well.  I’m learning to understand their personalities as adults, and I’m trying to allow them to BE the women God created them to be, walking next to them, with a little less “hand-on” guidance these days.

I know they’ll always need me, as a friend, and as a mom, because I still need my sweet mom.  

I’m so thankful to God, to have a mom and to be a mom!