McKinstry E-News Summer 2020 Update

Celebrating … Trusting … Anticipating

Our last picture from our apartment balcony in Barcelona.

We have officially arrived back in the United States and stepped into another moment of transition; our first furlough. 
It’s a time to refresh, to reconnect with family and supporters, and to connect with new partners for the future work. We are having a blast sharing what God has done and what we believe He is about to do in services and meetings and…

With Barcelona behind us (but still in our hearts) and Malaga before us (and filling our dreams), we find ourselves in an in-between moment of time. 

And here’s what we’ve discovered about the in-between moments…
God is doing something new.

Have you ever been there? In a season where you are stepping away from something wonderful and familiar and stepping towards something exciting but unknown. Timidity, fear, euphoria, sadness, uncertainty; these can all be used to describe what we often feel during transition.

Here’s what God spoke to the Israelites, when they were in a season of transition:
“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:18-19

How do we navigate transitions in life? 
Let me give you three simple ideas from Isaiah:
Celebrate, Trust, and Anticipate.

Celebrate the Past. God was reminding the Israelites there were things they needed to leave in the past; to not choose comfort and familiarity above God’s plans. Celebrating the past provides a way to reflect on the good, express our gratitude, and move into the present. 

Trust God in the Present. The present is where God works and what He is doing is not always perceptible. Trusting God in the present means developing an awareness of the often overlooked work He is doing in our hearts, in our families and friends, and in our work and ministry. It’s easy to let routine take over, but if we pause, pray, and perceive how God is working, we have an opportunity to nurture and step into that new work.

Anticipate the Future. God is always at work. He’s working in you and me. He’s working in the neighborhoods and cities where we live. He’s at work, speaking to hearts, bringing hope and healing to those who would place their trust in Him, and giving wisdom and guidance to those who seek Him. What are you believing for? What are you anticipating God to do? How are you praying and planning in response to your faith?

How should we walk through moments of transition?
Celebrating the Past …
Trusting God in the Present …
Anticipating the Future!

If you are reading this email, know that you have been prayed for. We are believing for God to work powerfully in your life!

Our first picture in the States getting on the bus from Chicago O’Hare to Milwaukee. (Mark is still working on his selfie skills – haha!)

Our service schedule is filling up. If you would like to meet with us personally or have us come and share at your church, please let us know by simply responding to this email. 
We can come for a missions meeting, a mid-week or small group gathering, or even a Sunday service. If coffee, lunch, or dinner fits better, we’ll make that happen too – we just want to connect with you!

What’s next for the McKinstrys in Spain?

International Church Plant, Malaga, Spain…Fall 2021

God has opened a door for us to plant the International Church of Malaga. Incredible leaders, both missionaries and locals, are responding to a call they believe is from God to join us. To do this work, we have returned to the US to find more partners who will step out, in faith, and believe with us for God to work in the hearts of the amazing people that call Malaga home.

Would you consider joining our team of monthly financial partners if you haven’t yet?
If you have, would you consider increasing your partnership?

 It’s absolutely amazing to watch what only God could do when we step out in faith … Build His Church!! 

Malaga is an international city in the region of Andalusia in southern Spain. Almost 700,000 people live in the city while another 1+ million in the greater area call Malaga home. We are believing for a new church planting movement in this city where so few Christ-centered churches exist. Would you believe with us?

Spring highlights from Barcelona

Pictured from Left to Right and Top to Bottom

  • Passing Notes and Spending Time with Neighbors … While COVID-19 kept us apart and quarantined, one of the fun ways we connected with our neighbors included passing notes and offering help. This sweet letter is a reply from Monse (short for Montserrat), an elderly woman who lived a floor above us. This is a keep sake!
  • Mark’s Last Message at ICB … Our last Sunday with the International Church of Barcelona was May 24th. Mark shared a message online that day to people from over 2500 unique log-ins entitled, “Dealing with the Tensions of Life” from the disciple Mark’s account of the Last Supper. It was so powerful! 
  • Equip Webinar Online … So much ministry around the world has moved to online platforms. In May we transformed a monthly, in person, outreach seminar to a webinar. The results… we went from an average of 15 in attendance to over 150! Wow!
  • ICB Cares Food Distribution … This was a picture from the first day we shifted our compassion ministry to distribute food and pray for people in need. Christ’s loving care has been center stage as hundreds of ICB Care Packs have been distributed to hungry people throughout Barcelona!

We Need Your Prayers … Here’s How:

1. For our many supporters, both individuals and churches. For needs to be met, creativity in life and ministry, and peace in these anxious moments. You are all on our hearts and we are believing with you!

2. For the new International Church plant in Malaga. For people we have connected with there, for new team members coming and for those praying about coming, for God’s timing, and for all the necessary resources we need.If you are interested or you know someone who may be interested in being a part of the church planting team please contact us at our email:

3. For our busy travel schedule here in the US. In June, we traveled over 5000 business miles connecting with current and new partners. Pray for the ministry that will take place in churches as we share, that Christ would be glorified, churches would be strengthened, and needs would be met.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).