Seismic Shifts

Transitions are never easy … the first day of High School, the first day at a new job, a new home, or even a new clothing size can be challenging. Change is uncomfortable. God called both Heather and I into full-time ministry in our teen years. As a Wisconsin girl, Heather’s calling came at Spencer Lake Youth Camp; as a Michigan boy, God spoke to my heart on a short-term missions trip trip to Argentina.

Stepping into the fray … more than twenty-five years after our initial calling, we find ourselves in successful professions as a pastor and teacher; serving our community with godly passion and kingdom purpose. There’s a dramatic shift that’s awakened within us. A God-sized vision has penetrated our hearts and infected our dreams; it’s kept us up at night and led us to step out in a new direction. With the blessing of our leadership, we have said yes to plant a brand new international church in Barcelona, Spain a city of over 5.5 million people with tremendous spiritual need. God has opened the door and we are joyfully walking through it; anticipating eternal impact.

To move ahead, we have to let go … of something (in fact many things) that are very, very dear to us. We are still working through this with faith, knowing that God has it all in hand; our children transitioning into adulthood, our parents and families, and our church family and friends. Often people talk about how much a missionary gives up to go. We’ve discovered that many around us have had to “give us up” so that we might obey God’s call. In the midst of tears, we have found incredible encouragement and support. We are surrounded by exceptional people who are graciously sending us with love and prayer. We are blessed. To each of you we say thank you for your support, love, and encouragement; we cannot do this without you.