Walking a Tightrope

I’m a huge fan of “The Great Showman”  I honestly think I’ve watched it… well, I’m sure more than you!   One of the songs “Walking a Tightrope” has been going through my head, on repeat.   In the movie as actress, Michelle Williams is singing this song, she is singing of the adventure of being married to Hugh Jackman, who portrays P.T. Barnum.  Granted, we aren’t in the circus, but the song speaks a lot to me of mine and Mark’s marriage, and my relationship with the Lord.  The title though, really got me thinking.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “I’m walking a tightrope here.”  And it really it speaks a lot to life in general.
Have you ever seen a tightrope walker?  Obviously the key to successfully walking from Point A to Point B is balance.  I have watched a few tightrope walkers in my time, and I have seen a few falter, it’s pretty scary!  I realize that there’s a net, but it’s still a far drop and I would think a little embarrassing for them to fall.  Most of the time when I have watched a tightrope walker, they have used a large bar to help with the balance, some do it free-hand, and just walk the thing!  Some go quickly, some go painfully slow, and truly, at least during the performance, very few fall.  Again, success in their balance.  Wikipedia says, that acrobats maintain their balance by positioning their center of mass directly over their base of support.  They shift most of their weight over their legs.  Also, another thing I have noticed, is that when an acrobat is walking they aren’t looking around the arena, their focus is straight ahead to where they want to end up, at Point B.
As I relate this to the Christian life, it’s obvious that our base support is God.  And our end goal, Point B, if you will, is Heaven.  We need to balance our lives around God and set our focus on heaven.  But obvious, doesn’t mean easy.  For me, these days, balance has been difficult.  Balancing between studying and resting.  Balancing between wanting to stay in touch with friends in the states and making new friends here.  Balancing between doing ministry here and wondering if I still have a role in the lives of the people I’ve loved on for 20 years.  Balancing my desire to know what my kids are up to and leaving them alone!!!   Balancing between staying up late to communicate with the other side of the world, or going to bed so that I’m worth something the next day on this side of the world!
Some days I lean a little to the left, some days I lean a little to the right.  Some days, praise God, I’m balanced!  One thing I love about God, is that he knows my heart.  I want to serve Him, in whatever capacity He has for me.  And as we’ve (me and God) been talking over the last few months, I’ve asked questions like, “Is it okay to still reach out to my “kids” in the states?” (if you know me, you know I don’t mean Ashley and Allie!)  “Is it okay to maintain my friendships?”  And the answer He has given me is “Yes, in balance.”  Now obviously I can’t sit in my house and only be online and communicating with people in the states.  But I can reach out and ask how they are doing every once in a while.  And thankfully, it is really so easy to stay in contact these days.  Most days, I’m having coffee with friends here, having people over for dinner and games, and making new friends at church and … school!  I strive for balance, asking the Lord to help me, and like I said, some days, I’m on!  But somedays, I’m up until 3am because I can’t turn off my mind, or my phone!  And God and I we’re working it out.  The thing about the Christian walk, is you don’t get off the tightrope till the end, and there is always something new to learn to balance.
Just remember who your base support is and focus on the prize.